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Transforming Farming in Africa

Based in Europe and Kenya, agriBORA is an agri-fin-tech balancing the use of technology and human touch to de-risk smallholder agriculture systems, improve farm productivity and facilitate effective trading in collaboration with our partners in Europe, the US, and Africa.

We are building an end-to-end ecosystem around farmers bringing farming inputs, financial services and output market closer to them in a way that makes the process affordable, convenient and reliable for not only the farmers, but their business partners.

Kizito Odhiambo
Founder & CEO agriBORA


Making farming a business!

For most smallholder farmers in East Africa, farming is not a business — it's an exercise in survival. Through an innovative combination of technology and agriBORA Hubs, we are building trust and reducing risk for the farmers and their business partners.

Our Market

Kenya’s 7 million smallholder farmers produce 70% of the country's food. The market value of the high-value crops they produce is estimated at $ 2 Billion per annum. Our initial target market are the farmers and their main business partners.



We use satellite data to help farmers make the right decisions. If they don't have smartphones or access to the Internet, we communicate with them via SMS. If they have problems with financing, we can help them. And our agriBORA hubs make sure we can reach them in their fields.



Agri-Processors have problems predicting the quality and quantity of the harvests they can expect. We give them visibility. They get tax breaks if they source their products in Kenya but they can’t always prove the origin of the raw material. We provide transparency.



The 7 million smallholder farmers are potentially an interesting market for banks and insurance companies. But it is almost impossible for them to deal with individual farmers, who often don’t have a registered address. We make the farmers visible and bankable!

Our Solutions



Great challenges demand great technology. We make use of cloud computing, blockchain technology and the enormous amount of data available from Earth Observation satellites to increase productivity and reduce risk.



We use latest-generation satellite imagery to generate weather forecasts, identify different crop types, predict harvests, analyse soil, and many other applications. Together with our partners we offer best-of-breed solutions to farmers in Africa.



The value chains are characterised by high risk and lack of trust between different parties involved. We are introducing smart contracts, tokens, and eWallets, to make transactions faster, more efficient and transparent, giving farmers transaction histories to make them bankable.



State-of-the-art technology doesn't help if it doesn't reach the intended users! agriBORA Hubs are physical centres where farmers, registered on our platform, can order seeds, fertilisers and other input and aggregate their harvests for sale.


SaaS Platform

The agriBORA platform is an infrastructure we have built in the cloud for making things better on earth! It provides a full range of features and functionality to support the farmers, the agri-processors, the financial organisations and other interested parties.


Data Cube

At the heart of our platform, the agriBORA Earth Observation Data Cube. Earth Observation satellites generate unprecedented amounts of data. Our Data Cube is the key to turning this data into the information required by the farmers and their business partners.


We support the farmers through the complete cycle. We provide information and advice to help them produce successful crops, based largely on the use of satellite data (AgriTech). Our FinTech strategy will make them visible and bankable. Our concept will have a sustainable impact on the lives of the 7 million smallholder farmers in Kenya. By the end of 2022, we will have:

agriBORA Hubs
Farmers registered

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